The Integration between Teaching and Learning in Gontor’s Teachers Devotion

If we talk about learning, its not too far with the proccess of teaching. The teachers will teach their students to transforming their knowledge to  the students’ minds. Maybe its hard enough for some, but might be exactly amusing for others. And actually, doing the interaction between people is good for increasing our capability and credibility, especially  as a teacher who teaches another.

But, our duty in this boarding school is not only teaching in the classes and educating the students around us. We also have the obligation to study or learn at the university, we call it the University of Darussalam. Lecturing and doing the assignments from the lecturers are the duties which most of the teachers do in this boarding school. Besides that, we live at the rooms with variety sectors in these and the teachers have to manage them as the kind of devotion for this boarding school.

With these responsibility, the teachers will not have any unbenefit things to do out of their duties at their daily life in their devotion for this boarding school. They don’t earn anything from these works, however they’ve already given all their best to bring about their duties. They only ask the blessing from Allah because they’ve intented to call out for it.

We can’t find teacher’s dedication as strong as in Gontor at another schools whenever and wherever. Gontor has 90 years’ experience to educate people and transforming knowledge to its students be based on Islamic viscerotoni and law. It’s not only teach its student the religious knowledge and sciences, but more important than those, it is mentality. By this mentality all the graduates of Darussalam Gontor Islamic boarding school would be prepared to face the reality in their next life at the future. As we know, most of teachers in ITTC are the graduates of this boarding school and their submissive and loyalty to the system is so unusually intensive because they had educated and learned too as a student and also as the part of all the activities in it since along time past.

There is no self interest in their mind through this devotion as teaching at ITTC, learning at the University of Darussalam, managing the sectors, and another responsible in some activities’ committee because everything they do in this boarding school is pure, just intended for the obligation to the God and Gontor where they’ve learned much thing and taken their shelter. The integrity of the duties of Gontor’s teachers is only back to one aim, Allah’s willing upon them. They will not do all their works wholeheartedly if they have another interest in their mind along their devotion. So, if we put back all we do and our aim just to Allah, everything will be well. He is the Almighty.



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